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FC Tech is the exclusive distributor for Vanessa valve for HF Alkylation units in the USA and Canada.

The Background:

As a result of feedback received at the 2009 UOP HF Alkylation Symposium, FC Tech management made the strategic decision to pursue a triple offset rotary valve manufacturer for the purpose of designing and building the "next generation" block valve for HF Alkylation classes HF 2-5.

Why would FC Tech take on such a challenge?

Gate valves in HF Alkylation units above 8 inch in size suffer from:

1. High turning torque
2. Leak through
3. Stem leakage
4. High cost of automation with fail-safe capabilities

How did this “Next Generation” HF Alkylation valve design and bill of materials evolve?

FC Tech reached out to Vanessa valves of Lugagnano Val D'Arda, Italy, to design a valve to meet the unique needs of HF Alkylation Service. During the design process, Vanessa’s engineering department leveraged the knowledge of Descote Valve, Southern Valve Service and HF Alkylation Consultants. The by-product of this collaboration is what we believe to be the “ Next Generation” HF Alkylation Valve - Vanessa model 30000 built to Bill of Material AAZ50 Rev. 2.  This valve's body material is made of cast carbon steel per ASTM - A216. The castings are certified to meet supplemental specification S16 for low residual element carbon steel. For the bill of materials, see drawings here.

FC Tech will manage the process of coordinating testing of these valves in strategic locations in HF Alkylation Units in the USA and Canada. In addition, FC Tech will coordinate feedback to UOP relative to performance of each valve installed over time. The ultimate goal is to have the Vanessa valve listed in the UOP specs for all types of HF Alkylation units.

Vanessa valves have not yet completed the entire UOP approval process for use in the heritage-Phillips or heritage-UOP style HF Alkylation units. If you are interested in testing valves, please coordinate with your FC Tech technical representative and your UOP Process Technology specialist.